Good team

Michał: drives the company and constantly invents something new
Karolina: communication guru passionate about healthy food and vege mother
Marek: company founder and originator of the Dobra Kaloria brand

Is this calorie good?

Good Calories is created in a family company from Częstochowa, which exists on the Polish market since 1991. Today, the second generation is working in it, and the third is eagerly involved in testing new products.

It has been important from the beginning of our activity honesty for us – in relationships with employees (probably that’s why some of them work with us over 20 years), trading partners and of course customers. This manifests itself in the atmosphere that prevails in the company, commercial conditions, or in communication with clients. We take full responsibility for our products, because we create them ourselves, from the idea to the packaging.

Quality is very important to us and in this case we do not compromise. We test dates in person at the plantation, we collect honey for pouring cereals from the best Polish apiaries, and amaranth we expand with the old Peruvian method, guaranteeing its beautiful whiteness and great taste.


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We try to create affordable products, but we do not lower their prices through artificial additives, flavor enhancers or artificial fillers.
We enjoy our work all the time and we hope
that it can be seen in our products.

After all, it’s all for your #good. 🙂